Have You Not Planned For 2014 Yet? Learn How To Do It Now!

2013 is about to end with only few days left. If you have not achieved your 2013 goals yet, don’t worry. Its never too late. Plan for 2014 now, and try your best to achieve your 2014 goals.

Take out few minutes, or an hour max, and start writing down what you want to achieve in 2014. It does not have to be a long list with minor details. You just need to write plain simple points.

Where to Write?

A piece of paper, or a Notes app in your phone would do the job. I use and highly recommend Evernote for writing and saving notes. Evernote saves your notes online, which can be edited online, and synced with your phone or computer as well.

I also use iPhone’s pre-installed Notes app for not-so-serious, quick, and temporary notes. It can sync with iCloud, but I don’t like the way it works. For offline notes, its perfect. But for iCloud integration you need to create separate notes within iCloud folder in notes app. Otherwise it will not sync with iCloud. There is no way to differentiate offline and iCloud notes either.

Anyways, use Evernote and save yourself from the hurdles!

What to Write?

Few words, or a line for each item would be more than enough. You can write specific details for each item later in monthly or quarterly goals.

I have 5 sections for my plan.

1. Projects

This is the list of projects i want to get up and running by the end of the year 2014. It just lists the project name, such as: IncomeGate. Ofcourse, it doesn’t mean that launching the project alone would do the job. It also has to be integrated to the system the business runs on. The ingredients of a typical systems are:

      1. Project Development: Includes the research, design, coding, and the launch of the project.
      2. Content Strategy: Continuous generation and publishing of contents.
      3. Marketing Strategy: Continuous social media and SEO.

If the project is launched, with content and marketing is being done consistently, you’re done!

2. Business Management

This section specifies what areas have to be automated, or delegated. Usually the tasks currently I am responsible for.

It also includes the creation of process documentations, automated offline backups, and a Dashboard which shows each project and server with: latest page/content date, total content, site uptime, disk usage, software updates alert, etc.

Beside fixing the stuff, it also lists what needs to get rid of. The old computers, weak hard drives, and unwanted current clients (oopsie!).

3. Books & Skills

The new books you want to read this year, and the courses you want to take. You can add the books I loved reading. Course suggestions may include HTML5, CSS3, WordPress Theme Development, Bootstrap, jQuery, or Adobe Illustrator. You must learn something in 2014! Not necessarily a development skill. It can be project management, marketing, selling, or whatever you like to learn that is going to help you in the business.

4. Life

This year I want to learn Horse riding, Arabic language, build some muscles, stretch, and improve the posture, which has been badly effected by sitting long hours in front of the computers.

List it here if you want to do scuba diving, paragliding, trekking to the K2, or learn to Fly.

5. Budget

Set an estimate budget for the year. You may increase or decrease it later depending upon your funds availability. But having an idea in mind on what to spend and where to spend is always a good thing.

Semi-Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly Goals

This doesn’t have to be done right away, but do it before the January starts.

Break your main annual goals to semi-annual goals first. Exactly like you did with the annual goals, but with 1 or 2 lines more specifying the content and marketing goals as well. Then, break down further to quarterly goals.

The only reason to do this is define deadlines, and keep track of your performance. This will also help you stay focused.

Carefully plan your month before it starts, but only after you have defined your quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly goals. Monthly goals have to be specific. Similar to the quarterly and semi-annual goals, but adding 1 or 2 lines in most cases. It may include number of backlinks to be created, articles to be published, completion of a design wire-frame, designing a database, etc.

Start Planning Now! Wish You All The Best for 2014!

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